Business Insurance

All business owners understand risks and unanticipated events may take place. Obtaining great business insurance provides necessary protection and needed coverage for all of the different situations that may arise. At the Heritage Wise Group, business owners in Saginaw, Bay City, Midland, or anywhere in Michigan can be helped with their efforts to secure a business insurance plan that suits all of their needs.

Here are some common ways business insurance plans can protect a business and its owner:

  • Protects against losses or damages to the location of a business
  • Protects a business in the event of legal action
  • Covers automobiles operated for company business
  • Covers a business when an interruption takes place
  • Insures employees against injuries suffered while working on the job

The Heritage Wise Group will evaluate the business model of a customer before presenting solid information on a variety of quality insurance plans specific to the needs of a business. Protection is supplied to your business through several various programs, such as:

Property insurance is specific to funds needed to repair physical assets blemished as a result of storms, fires and vandalism. The liability option supplies protection versus financial losses resulting from the employees or products of a business being at fault.

Workers’ compensation has become crucial for businesses with employees. Its protection covers the medical needs of employees should they suffer an accident or become ill while performing their work responsibilities. Another reason why workers’ compensation is important is because it is capable of helping employees quickly return to work, plus it helps remove the potential of lawsuits.

Commercial auto insurance protects a business from losses and injuries suffered while employees and customers are operating a company vehicle. Business interruption insurance provides protection from losses and damages to profits when an unanticipated event happens that impacts the functioning of a business. Theft, robberies and fraud can set back a business, which is why it is smart to acquire business crime insurance.

Adding an umbrella insurance policy gives protection against different claims that exceed the limits of other policies. Events such as false arrests, lawsuits for libel or slander and other miscellaneous situations can be covered through an umbrella policy added to your business insurance.

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